60+ ArtRage Paintings by Waheed Nasir

This post is collection of beautiful ArtRage paintings by Waheed Nasir. Have you ever heard of ArtRage or know about it? It’s an easy to use, stylish painting package for Windows, Mac OS X, and iPad. If you are really serious about digital painting, you should check out this art program.

Waheed Nasir is a 2D and 3D CG Artist from Karachi, Pakistan. Currently working as the Creative Head, at Grand Leisure Corporation Ltd. He has a teaching experience in Fine Art (drawing, paintings and guitar) for more than 15 years and have more than 8 years of experience in working as a digital artist.

Having a Traditional Art background, his field of work includes, Art Direction, Visual Development, Concept Art, Matte Painting/Background plates and Texturing (3D). Alongwith all the digital work, he paint and hold exhibitions of his traditional work, whenever time permits. He has held 5 solo exhibitions and has taken part in more than 12 group shows, locally and internationally.

We have collected 60+ paintings from Waheed’s portfolio made with Artrage, Painter and Wacom Tablet. He also covered many amazing places of Pakistan in his paintings. You can take a cup of tea or coffee with you while browsing this huge list of beautiful and magical paintings.

Artrage Paintings

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5 Responses

  1. waheed nasir says:

    hello there Waheed Akhtar, this is to thank you for admiring my work and putting it here, it came to me as a surprise. much appreciated.

    thanks and have a good time.

    waheed nasir.

    • My pleasure Waheed to feature your awesome work here. Keep up the good work.

    • Sunshinegirl999 says:

      Hi, I have also done a few paintings on art rage. would like to know, if it is possible to take a print out of my digital pics and would I still get that oil painting effect on art rage? I would like to frame my pics, on what type of paper should I take a print out?

      • hi Sunshinegirl999, of course you can get your paintings printed. Artrage paintings do have a feel of real oils, even if printed, the only difference left is the thick embossed sort of effect we see on real canvas paintings wont be there on digital prints, u know what i mean.
        If you can get or like to, you can get your work printed on a special paper that is just like a canvas, it gives you that canvas grain but would be little expensive than normal paper. Though u still wont get that thick extruding paint effect but it will give you a very close real oil painting look. The painting style too, plays a very important part for the the final result.
        All the best.

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