Win a Set of 500 Premium Clear Plastic Business Cards from

The people at have offered to give a set of their premium business cards to one of our loyal readers.

How To Win?

  • By just leaving a comment below you can win 500 premium clear plastic business cards
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Kindly follow these rules:

  1. One entry per person. Duplicate comments will be removed.
  2. Winner will be contacted by his email (so make sure your email address is correct)

Entries will be accepted till 8th August 2014. When the contest is over, one winner will be randomly selected and will receive 500 of their premium clear plastic business cards.  The winner can either supply artwork or have a unique design created by their full design staff.  With a value up to $900, these unique cards are sure to make an impression!


  • Free shipping to US Residents only. For outside US, Winner will be responsible for the shipping charges

A photograph is truly something that will set you apart in combination with the unique clear portion of the card.


Perfect for DJs, the tape design brings back a bit of nostalgia.


Perfect for Real Estate agents, this frosted business card features the RE/MAX logo.


Photographers and videographers alike will love the custom viewfinder business cards.


The perfect method for self promotion is a business card with a photo on it.


Bridal boutiques can showcase their gorgeous gowns on business cards that make a statement.



The winner of these 500 premium clear plastic business cards is:

  • domi

Congratulations! One of the representative from PlasticPrinters will get in touch with you soon.

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4 Responses

  1. David says:

    I am impressed by your designs, really want to win these business cards.

  2. David Gerstein says:

    Love unique business cards. Thanks for the great post

  3. domi says:

    i wanna win! 😛
    i need cards to be more known and get more clients for my photos, babies shooting ;D

  4. Hello there! that looks this good. I’m from Argentina, and truly is rare to see this kind of smart cards here. I am a graphic designer, I devote myself to all that you can and be creative; from illustration, branding, photography, editorial design, web design. TMi website is under construction because I have to select a little catidad of my work. but I would love to send my portfolio with various jobs I do. I usually also participate in creative consursos for posters, or design T-shirts (when I have time) because I take the profits that can come to have the prize for donations to places like dining rooms or health foundations. I find it interesting that even winning these cards do not serve as donation for something, I would like to become a more sophisticated cards like that for me too .. lol Like I really interested in getting this place that makes a request to send some perhaps time since Argentina for a client. Thanks for the invitation to tender. I hope to have luck. Best Regards

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